• Independence day. What does the 4th of July mean to you?

    The colors red, white, and blue stand for something. Did you know that?

    • The red is for victory
    • The white is for purity
    • And the blue is for loyalty.

    Is this not what we stand for in our businesses as well?


    In the USA July 4th is the day we celebrate our independence.

    It reminds me that we have the freedom to be entrepreneurs.  Only we limit our success.

    Also, we are entering the second half of the year.  Are you on track to reach your annual goals?

    Today can be a new day. You can live into the freedom you desire as well as the preferred future you hold in your heart.

    It has been said that the strength of a nation lies in the homes of it’s people.  How incredible that you have elected to do just this by working from home.  Whether you work your business full time or part time, you can strengthen our nation, free enterprise, and build an incredible business.


    • For the 4th of July you can give out sparklers with a sticker on them that says – “Need a little spark in your life?  Check out (Name of Company).  Now Hiring.”  Be sure to have a small catalog or brochure you can share with them as well.
    • You can buy a case of water and bring it in your cooler to the fireworks and pass out to others with a brochure as they will be bored waiting for the festivities to start.
    • Offer a Facebook Fireworks Flash Sale – You can theme it by color (red,white or blue) or by name. Just make it fun.


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