• Should You Change Your Opportunity Mindset?

  • If you have ever had the thought, “I don’t know if I should share about my business with them”  you have fallen prey to limiting beliefs and are focusing on yourself vs how you can serve and support the other person.

    My life has been totally changed because of direct sales.  Check out the trailer that I lived in when I found direct selling.  

    Unfortunately, no one had ever asked me to even attend a party or demonstration, so I had no idea that there was hope for me and my family… let alone that you could make money on your time and schedule which was important to me because I was recovering for a serious health issue and was a mom of 3 little ones, one with autism.

    Direct sales was the gift of 2 dream homes, the ability homeschool my kids (which I believe was a huge factor of Jordan’s success in his overcoming autism and the closeness of our family), bought fur babies for our family, private school, dance and acting lessons, the most romantic and fun-filled vacations, dream car convertibles and so much more… but in the beginning was the peace of mind that I would have milk and bread at the end of the week.

    When we don’t share, we are being selfish.  We are usually more concerned about the appearance of rejection, or the unknown that we are about giving someone else the gift of a new home, college education, a dream vacation, retirement, a Plan B, or the security of milk and bread at the end of the week.

    When we shift our focus to the other person, how we are offering them an incredible gift… realizing they may have been praying for something, especially hope, sharing with them becomes a joy.  You will actually start looking forward to it.  

    I recommend to take the pressure off yourself that you just do 3 “practice interviews” going into them to really share your business opportunity with them after listening to what they want more or less of in their life and how your business can be the solution.  Remember that you are giving them a gift.  It is up to them if they receive it and what they do with it.

    Be sure to check out Master Your Success Faster… it is the most comprehensive direct sales curriculum on the market that gets amazing results.  Don’t waste your time on “Summer School” classes or other programs that simply don’t work.  Master Your Success Faster is how I built my multi-million dollar organization and have helped lots of other leaders do the same.

    Check out what Debbie has said as well.  Look at the results… they don’t lie.  

    When I first heard the words “Practice Interview” I am telling you my heart sunk to my toes! I have never done direct sales and I wanted to learn, so this was part of it no matter how uncomfortable I thought It might be! A few deep breaths and the conversation started, I followed Becky’s teachings, ask questions, LISTEN (I usually do all the talking) and genuinely care how I can help this person ….What I found is it was amazing, builds your confidence, builds a relationship and BOOM….! A new consultant was on my team and I was only practicing! My vocabulary has changed, my confidence has changed. I don’t “need” someone to join my team, I am looking for people that see what I see and together we are going to do some pretty amazing things. I highly recommend you follow Becky Spieth, no matter how skilled you are in the industry, I guarantee, you are going to learn something and fall in love with Becky Spieth.

    – Debbie Primeau, Executive Style Consultant

    Inside of Master Your Success Faster it is on demand learning… no waiting, unless you take advantage of the payment plan, you will also get a live call with me monthly if you join now.  The sponsoring and getting your new consultant off to a super start are incredible.  I think you will also love the scripts in the overcoming obstacles and objections section.

    Happy Sponsoring and Sharing the Gift of Your Business!

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