• 5 Ways to Fill Your July Calendar

  • Today I am going to share five quick ideas for you to use to fill your July calendar.

    #1 Do a Facebook Live

    1. During the Facebook Live, show specials, goodies, treats, promotions.
    2. Don’t forget to incorporate a commercials and prizes for those that book on the spot
    3. You could even have “sooner booking date” bags, romance them, and give away based on party being scheduled.

    #2 Christmas in July

    1. Reminder: Only ____ Days till Christmas
    2. Host a theme party – Ugliest sweater
    3. Start a Toys for Tots toy drive or do  a backpack drive with school supplies to donate to charity

    #3 Host a Staycation

    Can’t go on a vacation this Summer? Help create a stay-cation escape party.  You can create a super fun staycation type experience that culminates with a shopping spree with you

    #4 Mom’s night out

    What Mom doesn’t need a night out? Especially in the summer when the kids are home all day. Treat some tired Moms to a fun evening.

    #5 Let Freedom Ring

    1. Time to talk about the business opportunity and the freedom it provides
    2. Give away a ring to guests that join you in the business within 12-  24 hours
    3. Last chance first glance at new product from attending your National Conference