• I LOVE working with and empowering women.


    Over and over again, I have moms apologize that there is a little background noise due to their children when we are on the phone.

    Moms, please stop apologizing for your little ones. You were called to be moms first. Being a mom is THE MOST IMPORTANT role and responsibility you will ever have.

    Actually, I find it refreshing to hear those little voices (some with inside voices and some not), knowing that you have honored your first calling, who you are as a woman, being the role model for our next generation, and are courageous and brave enough to be an entrepreneur or to have asked for a creative work schedule.

    Honor YOUR choices!!  Also realize that they are people too. They need to express themselves, of course teach and guide them, but honor them.

    Do not let this precious time pass you by. Do not ignore your calling. Do not sacrifice your business and productivity because there may be a little “noise”. Live into the “and”. Live into your greatness!

    (And give your little one a hug!!)