• Summer will be here before you know it.

    Want my biggest tips for setting up parties for over the Summer besides booking parties in the town you want to vacation in so that your vacation (or at least part of it) will be a tax deduction?

    Here are 5 of my biggest tips…


    Get a jump start on it.  Start Now!

    What you do in the Summer determines how successful your Fall & Holiday season are.  If you take the Summer off, you have to start all over in September when everyone is the hectic hay day of getting back into the school routines.  Think about it…

    June = 4 parties held (book 2 off each of these = 8 bookings)

    July = 8 bookings/ 5 parties hold (book 2 off each of these = 10 bookings)

    August = 10 bookings/ 7 parties hold (book 2 off each of these = 14 bookings)

    You will have 14 parties booked in September.   Your Fall & Holiday season are started with the momentum you created all Summer… not to mention you will have earned $1600 if you only earned just $100 a party.  That would make for a great vacation before you send the kiddos back to school.  What would you do with the extra income this Summer?

    Put together a Booking Blitz right now.  Invite your team to join you, or other direct sales friends.  Compile your list of past hosts and people you think would love to take advantage of getting their friends together to: 1) get together before everyone “gets busy” with Summer… or… 2) to kick off the Summer with style!  Be sure to offer an incentive for them to book on your sooner than later dates and keep in mind, it could be what your company is currently offering.

    BE AN “ADD ON”

    Summer is the time when most people see the most people either at picnic, parties, pools, games, garage sales, reunions, and social events.  What better time to handout samples, catalogs, talk about your business and products… not to mention to offer to book parties?  Offer to come to one of the events they will already be hosting or attending and be the “added entertainment”.   Use the added events in the Summer for prospecting and for making hosting a party easier than ever as you are coming alongside what they are already doing.  I loved tailgating at my son’s little league baseball games.  The moms loved it.  It spiced things up for them, the kiddos loved it as I always brought fun snacks and cold drinks were in the cooler for the whole family while the moms shopped out of the back of our SUV.


    Summer can have some of the most fun themes.  It is a great way to add some sizzle to the Summer hosting opportunity for potential hosts and have them dive in!

    Some of my favorites are:

    • Pool party (even if you bring a mini pool for fun pedi foot soaks) for cool “Soaks & Sips”
    • Goodies in the Garden Party
    • Grillin’ & Chillin’
    • Summer Spa Party
    • Banana Split Parties. (Anything with ice cream and hot fudge… I’m there!)
    • Beach theme
    • Best-in-Thong Contest (of course I meant footwear!! Get your mind out of the gutter!  I wouldn’t dare think bikini bottoms!!  Ewww!!)
    • PJs & Popcorn (could even do a movie projected on the garage door for the kiddos & dads while mom is in the a/c shopping with the ladies.
    • Tropical Tuesday
    • Lawn chairs & lemonade (fresh squeezed of course… who am I kidding… Countrytime is just fine!)
    • Ugly Lawn Chair Party
    • Flip Flop Fun
    • Hawaiian Luau
    • Very Berry Party
    • Take Me Out to the Ball Park (hot dogs & Cracker Jacks included)
    • Christmas in July (book the entire month… or at least a week solid in July!!). This way here they can get what they want for themselves this year and not have to worry about being naughty or nice for the rest of the year (just kidding), or start their holiday shopping early!


    Never go to a party empty-handed without a “host gift”.  This is the perfect opportunity to share your line by bringing a hostess gift, graduation gift, birthday gift, shower gift… “you name it” gift from your company’s line.  Make sure you have your label on it with your website on it so they know that it’s from your company and where to find more things they will love!


    Host your own Summer Sizzle Soiree with the swankiest sparkling drinks and delightfully refreshing fruit salad.  Turn it into a Mystery Host party.  No one will know who will receive the Host Benefits until the end of the night.  Anyone that purchases at the soiree will be eligible for the drawing.  Sweeten the soiree by creating an awesome booking commercial which highlights the benefits of booking a party with you.  Have a large garden basket filled with gift-wrapped gifts to be used as “instant booking gifts” for hosts who book on the date that is on the gift tag on he days you need to schedule to fill your calendar.  The bigger the gift or bow the sooner the date to the soiree.  Make the night a fun night to remember and your guests will want to book… offer some of the fun themes from above and they won’t be able to resist!!  You can also offer to give them your recipe for your Blackberry Elderflower Spritzers they enjoyed at your soiree to wow their guests at their own. Here is the recipe.  It is sweet, delicious, and refreshing … enjoy!

    Blackberry Elderflower Spritzer

    (Makes about 1 liter pitcher)

    1 liter soda water, chilled

    ½ cup elderberry flower syrup (Monin can be found at Walmart or Belvoir can be found online.  I heard the IKEA even sells it.)

    1 lime, juiced

    About 1/3 cup blackberries, washed

    ¼ mint leave, bruised

    Whisk soda water and elderberry flower syrup with lime.  Stir in the blackberries and muddled mint leaves and serve immediately.

    This is also very ice with lemon juice and strawberries.

    Post below and let me know what ideas you are going to implement to fill your calendar for Summer and, of course, share this with your team and direct sales friends!  They will be so glad you did!