• Do You Agree With Jack Canfield?

  • I recently heard Jack Canfield in an interview about why he values network marketing and direct sales. You might know him as the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL guy.  He also wrote a great book – “Success Principles” that is a great book for growth and learning success principles for your business and life.

    I had the privilege to spend a few hours with Jack Canfield privately a few years back.  He left an unforgettable impression on me that day (and through his books.)

    When asked his opinion about network marketing and direct sales, you might be surprised by what he said.


    Jack said that people in direct sales are extremely brilliant people and have used this brilliance to join one of the best professions on the planet.  Look at some of the people that are in direct sales as an additional stream of income… neurosurgeons, lawyers with large practices, VPs of international companies, have all been attracted to Network Marketing and been super successful.  When he speaks at Network Marketing conferences, the people he meets there are all just extremely bright people.

    Have you noticed how many times you go into your doctor’s or chiropractor’s office and see direct sales products on the shelves?  The last time I visited my dentist we had a conversation about the network marketing company she represents outside her practice.  She shared with me that she could take another day out of the office each week, due to the success of her network marketing business.  Incredible, right?

    And think, you are one of those brilliant people just like she is and just like Jack Canfield referenced!

    In the interview, I watched with Jack Canfield, he shared the benefits he saw of network marketing.  How many do you agree with?


    Some of his favorite benefits he cited were:

    1. You get to be your own boss and your success is based on the amount of work you want to put in. (Say goodbye to the “glass ceiling”!)
    2. You get to be a leader and leave a legacy of empowering and inspiring people. (This is my personal favorite.)
    3. The community that is created at conventions and local meetings is a huge aspect of the profession. (This is where some of my best friends to this day have come from.)
    4. The opportunity is fantastic because the internet makes it easier to work, the amount of educational and training materials is exceptional, and the celebratory reward culture is phenomenal. (OMG… does it get better than this?  I have been working with several leaders lately that are new to the direct sales profession.  They just got back from their first incentive trip with their company and were blown away at how valued they felt, how spoiled they were, and astonished at how different it is than the traditional workplace.)
    5. The community is full of positive, optimistic, like-minded people who not only believe that success is possible, they set goals, overcome fears, and they make a difference in their communities through philanthropic causes. (I don’t know any other profession in the world that does all of this and does so with more fulfillment coupled with work/life harmony than any other.)


    Jack went on to say that he believed that network marketing was one of the finest professions in the world right now.  He also added that there aren’t too many other professions that you can start off with nothing, make a ridiculously small investment in a starter kit and can start off as an underdog and walk across the stage as a millionaire, drive cars that someone else pays for, improve your lifestyle beyond imagine, and many times use the products that lead to improved health and confidence.

    He is considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time with the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” empire, one of the most published authors with over 250 books to date, and one of the most sought after speakers in the world.

    Isn’t it great to know that you agree and are like-minded with Jack?

    After all, we know you are brilliant, you are in direct selling, so leave a comment below as to why you believe direct sales/ network marketing is the best profession on the planet… and why you believe it attracts other brilliant entrepreneurs.



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