• “Before working with Becky my life/business was chaotic, unorganized, and I felt like I was “chasing rabbits”! I needed to get control of my life/business. I had looked at other “business” coaches and Becky was more authentic in her coaching and with the information she was sharing! We started in the middle of July and August I had my best sales month and September I met my volume goals and I am on pace for October. I would recommend Becky to my whole team and other consultants who want to take their business to the next level and are committed to growing their business. She honestly has helped me grow and help my business grow beyond what I could imagine. I feel that besides Becky being my business coach I have gained a friend!”

    -Carol Robbins

  • Experience more joy and fulfillment as a leader and discover how to grow your business with confidence and ease with coaching from Becky Spieth. Enhance your relationships and create a culture of trust, respect, and high performance.

    Professional Coaching Provided
    • Executive Coaching
    • Leadership Coaching
    • New Consultant Coaching
    • Behavioral/ Leadership Assessments
    • Facilitation Customized to Your Needs- Ex. Positive Culture Shift, Inspired Vision, Generative Learning
    • Masterminds
    • Individual
    • Group
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    Coaching is such a powerful dynamic, I would love to work with you in a coaching partnership in the near future. Please know that I am very selective in the clients that I take on for private coaching, and believe you have incredible potential!

    Here are some reasons why people coach with Becky:

    • Create a clear vision
    • Remove obstacles
    • Strategize and prioritize
    • Develop duplicable simplified systems
    • Move their business forward
    • Support a new venture
    • Increase growth and profitability


    • Action and Accountability
    • Honest Feedback


    • I possess rare and extensive corporate and field experience within the Direct Sales Profession, with amazing growth track record
    • I customizes your experience to you for maximum results
    • Coaches and lives from a Christian perspective
    • Incorporates Personality/Leadership/Communication styles into the process
    • Offers assessments and resources for discovery including: Disc, Spiritual Gifts, Risk Analysis, Leadership, etc.
    • Is a highly sought after international speaker/trainer/coach
    • Is passionate about making a difference in the lives I touch

    How important is it to have a coach in your life?

    Whether you are a fan or not, just look at this comparison:

    • 2012 New Orleans Saints: record after first 5 games= 1 win, 4 losses
    • 2013 New Orleans Saints: record after first 5 games= 5 wins, 0 losses

    Basically the same team. Same STAR quarterback.
    Difference- they tried doing it without a COACH last season.

    PROOF- Talent is NEVER enough! If you feel like you are full of talent and ability (which you most likely are), but aren’t achieving the results you desire, learn from this lesson.

    Get a coach or watch the playoffs of your life from your couch rather than from the field going for your championship. That may sound like tough love, but somebody that is “tired of being tired” needed to read this tonight!