We made the best decision ever in June of 2015 when we contacted Becky Spieth. As a new and upcoming direct sales business, we have very big dreams and goals for our company. Realizing that we needed extra guidance and expertise from a direct sales industry leader, we brought Becky onto our team to help us achieve our goals.   

    What we love most about Becky Spieth is her passion for her work and the obvious care she has for her clients. She listens and pays attention to who you are as an individual and caters her coaching to fit your specific needs. Her skills in coaching help keep us on track and focused on our goals.

    We have been working very closely with Becky over the last 9 months, and the changes we have seen in our company are breathtaking. We cannot speak enough great things about what she has done for our business, and also for our personal development needs.

    She helped us facilitate our January Round Up conference, and the event was amazing. The growth we are experiencing from that event alone is substantial.

    • Percent Growth Sales Increase 105.7% increase
    • Percent Growth Increase New Consultants: 116.5%
    • Percent Growth Increase in Leaders: 50%

    Her consistent 'can do' attitude and encouragement are invaluable to my company’s success. We wholeheartedly recommend Becky to anyone who is trying to grow or improve any situation, personally or professionally.

    We have no doubt that the goals and dreams we have for our company are achievable, through the guidance of Becky.

  • QUIT MY J.O.B.

    Jessica Roderick


    Senior Executive Sales Leader

    Since I have been working with Becky, I quit my other job, and only work my direct sales business full time. I did something crazy,and was number 6 in group sales in all of the US. This is a group that usually only includes the long-term "celebrities" of Norwex. I got to see my name up there on that list with them, and it blew me away!! I have learned to track my business. Track what works, what doesn't and forecast what I can expect when I do certain actions, and obtain certain numbers. I realized this business is much more predictable than I thought. When you use Becky's methods of tracking and forecasting, you can achieve your goals. It isn't a big game of chance. It works!


    Suzi Clary

    Mary Kay

    Sales Director

    I doubted myself and wondered if I needed to just end my Mary Kay  career. I didn't feel like an effective leader or even in my personal life. Becky was a working with a close friend and I could see the difference in my friend personally and in her business. I watched her grow and I wanted to reach out and grown in that way. I wanted things to be different. After my first conversation with Becky I felt hopeful. I felt that there might be a chance still for my business.  Becky is open and honest. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she guides through questions and lets you figure it out. She really cares about you as a person and she wants to she you have more and be the person God created you to be.  Now I have hope and joy and I feel I am a more effective leader and person! I have recommended Becky to everyone that I know.

  • I thank the LORD so much for you! I’ve started to realize a major difference in the approaches I take now in life, and can see the impact that you had on my life after teaching me the things you did…I have noticed a big difference in my life as I have applied many of those principles that you taught me and I just want to thank you for your time, your support and your encouragement with helping me learn the steps necessary to reach my fullest potential in life! Things that have hindered me, no longer are obstacles or stumbling blocks for me! You have truly blessed my life in ways that will remain engraved in me for the rest of my life! GOD Bless you 🙂

    ~Tatyana Dmitria Price, Priceless Projects

    Becky takes the business of direct selling and truly makes an environment to evaluate, explore positive thinking and REAL action plans as well as indentify the importance of goals not only for the hostess coaching but for the team building and positive qualities that can be applied to a team, family and self. Thank you Becky for the inspiration.

    ~ Diana Ward, Lia Sophia

    Becky’s training was amazing! She effectively engaged our entire team and her related experiences were very inspiring and real. Becky has a gentle way about her to draw people in to open up freely to discuss issues in an inviting comfortable way. Thank you from my heart to yours.

    ~ Karen Zeller, Lia Sophia

    Becky’s proven strategies for creating team culture and coaching have been transformational for both me and my team. I can’t wait to see how we soar in 2012. Thank you so much, Becky.

    ~ Michelle Garrison, Lia Sophia

    Through Becky’s coaching process, I found passion that I believed was gone. She opened up my heart & mind and reminded me to always be my authentic self. Her sincere approach helped me to regain confidence & optimism, and for that, I am grateful.

    ~ Kym Geissler, Lia Sophia

    I put into action a couple of Becky’s ideas from our conference call and sold over $1000 the next week! Being the week of Christmas, I did not have bookings so I turned my focus to sales! I put out an e-mail that I would be available on Thursday night for last minute gifts and people just started calling, e-mail and texting for orders! All were filled before that so I still did not have to work too late on Thursday!”

    ~ Kelly Buckley, Mary Kay Director

    I’ve had the honor as not only having Becky as my leader in another company for several years, but coaching with her individually as well. Her methods are exactly what she says, tried, tested and proven in her own business and life. She brings a fresh approach and refocuses you on what you really desire, as well as how to achieve it. I would not miss this call tonight! No matter what level you are at in direct sales, Becky using real practical methods to help you achieve YOUR dreams and success! She is accomplished in her field with having had positions in the field, leadership, training, corporate, and coaching. If you are looking for growing your business, I highly recommend working with her!

    ~ Stephanie Baxter, Inpsiranza Designs

    As a start up direct selling company, we were searching for the right match for our sales TEAm. We believed that the key to successful training was more than inspiration and motivation. We were looking for proven techniques and a mission that matched ours! Becky provided our TEAm with step by step systems that created immediate results and had everyone’s confidence and excitement levels transformed.

    ~ Kathleen, Set to a Tea

    “I have found Becky to be AUTHENTIC! She always leads and coaches from compassion, wisdom and truth. Becky has walked the walk of being a field consultant and leader, and she knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.”

    ~ Donna Woolam, Jewels by Parklane

    bonnieThanks Becky! With your principles I have grown my team over 160 people this year. Thank you!

    -Bonnie Jo Hoffman
    Premier doTERRA Wellness Advocate

    1510795_1537307383249596_3939356075514878819_n“Before Becky’s tremendous coaching, I was discouraged and lost. I had lost the joy and direction for my business. My sellers had left and new sellers had joined my team, but I had zero motivation to train them. I had lost my confidence to teach others and so instead, I was putting the weight on my shoulders to bring in my numbers to keep my directorship.

    A friend referred me to Becky and I decided to try – after all, I loved my business and I knew that deep inside. I had just lost my way.

    Becky is amazing at what she does. She asked the perfect questions and gave me a lot to process. With a few changes, my business is back on track and even doing better then it was before!!! My sellers are selling and I’m so encouraged by their progress!

    Thank you Becky for your encouragement!!!! Would highly recommend you to anyone! My confidence is back, I have my direction and joy back, and am so happy with my team!!”

    – Eileen Posadny
    231106_1041283746037_4347_n“Becky, you have helped me so much and I learned so much by participating in the coaching cohort. For starters, being able to listen to other people’s questions and thoughts has helped me focus on topics that I might not have really considered. It’s like I get 5 different coaching topics with one session and I really learned quite a bit.
    Before I started coaching with you I was feeling my positive attitude wavering a bit, and my recruiting skills still weak. You helped me recruit someone and go from having zero leads to 4 more people seriously considering signing on right now.
    I’ve exceeded my sales goals and as I reflect on the entire time with you I feel like a huge success and I owe a great deal of that to you.
    I can’t thank you enough for all you do and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. To anyone considering this, I give this my highest recommendations. You will grow in not only your confidence, but in your skills and applications. I love listening to everyone’s excitement when they realize how they are going to solve their problem or approach something that is really challenging. You won’t regret coaching with Becky Spieth and I think you’ll find it changes everything for the better.”
    -Cari Wandrey
    Independent Consultant Life Expressions Decor