• After working with Becky for just 1 month we doubled our Unit Production. After 2 months, we tripled it…and in 3 months, I earned a hot new sports car, moved 2 leaders up in rank, and another leader earned her car!

    Kamie Lehmann Senior Director, Mary Kay

  • Here are 5 reasons Direct Sales Leaders and Organizations LOVE booking me:

    1. Experienced Award Winning Speaker
    I have delivered hundreds of speeches, group trainings and presentations for home offices, events and organizations.

    2. Real and Authentic
    I'm not afraid of sharing my own life stories, good, bad and ugly to really connect with your audience.

    3. Easy to Work With
    Though I may be relaxed and entertaining on stage, I’m all business when it comes to the finer details of a great event.  I aim for the highest levels of professionalism and am committed to excellence for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

    4. Your Audience Will Be Inspired
    Not only will your audience be inspired, they will walk away with real applicable tips to achieve superior results that can be customized to your company/event/or mission.

    5. A Powerful Coach
    I have worked with large teams, and direct sales organizations that have allowed me to use coaching techniques to bring out the best in others and I can do the same for you and your team.

    I look forward to making a difference in people's lives at your training.

  • After engaging in a group coaching cohort, I am now #1 Director in top earnings and in the Top 20 Recruiters in my entire company, earned a Mercedes, a vacation for 2, and feel like our team is unstoppable.

    Joy Farley Director, BeautiControl

  • Master Faster Trainings

    • Master Your Business Growth Faster
    • Master Your Success Faster
    • Master Your Bookings Faster
    • Master Your Sponsoring Faster
    • Master Your Sales Faster
    • Master Obstacles & Objections Faster
    • Master Your Party Attendance Faster
    • Master Incentive Challenges Faster
    • Master Your Host Coaching Faster

    • Master Your Organization Faster
    • Master Your Appointments Faster
    • Master Your Leadership Faster
    • Master Your Coaching Faster
    • Master Your Mind-Set Faster
    • Master Your Calendar Faster
    • Master Team Meetings Faster
    • Master Your Training Faster
    • Master Social Media Faster

    • Unlock the Mystery: DISCover How to Book, Sponsor, & Develop Anyone  
    • Profit on Purpose and Be WILDly Successful
    • Connections that Count: Networking Strategies that Work 
    • Taking It to the Next Level:  Bookings and Sponsoring 
    • GPS for Direct Sales – Goof Proof Sponsoring
    • Sponsoring Secrets to Success
    • DISCover the Power of Influence
    • Woo Hoo Bookings
    • Extraordinary Success to Fundraising  
    • Extraordinary Success to Confidence
    • Extraordinary Success for Today’s Direct Seller
    • Vision Casting and Success Mapping
    • SWAG – Your Secret Weapon Accelerating Growth
    • How to Have a $1000 Reorder Business
    • John Maxwell Leadership Topics available upon request
  • Once again Becky has under promised and over delivered! I now feel like I have a plan and know what to do next! The systems she taught were a real boost to my business!

    Jo Fite Director, Mary Kay

  • How often have you attended training seminars only to see little to no ACTUAL results in your business?  Stop throwing away your money.  Did you know that 87% of learning is lost if is not immediately put into practice?  Therefore, attending conferences and training is simply not enough. Strategies for incorporating the new information must be utilized in order to make sure lasting changes take place.  Without this, you are throwing away 87% of the money you spend on any training.

  • With over two decades of experience as a top-level leader, corporate executive, trainer, television, and radio host, Becky can support you in creating positive, measureable, and lasting changes in your business.  While in the field, Becky built and empowered a multi-million dollar organization, while maintaining an incredible personal business which consistently ranked 200%+ over the company’s top leadership level in recruitment, sales, and promoting team leaders in both personal and team growth.  

    Becky will assist you, and your team, in becoming the best versions of yourselves with purpose, priorities and a strong sense of intentionality. Becky empowers result-driven, intentional growth and fresh inspiration.

  • Entertainment and simple motivation doesn’t change behavior.  If you want real results, then it’s time to go beyond traditional conference training and conventions.  Becky provides specialized techniques that take learning from being conceptual to success-driven action.  Becky’s engaging, yet practical style has earned her invitations to speak for numerous corporate offices, leader retreats and team trainings. Becky delivers!

  • If you are growing a business, you absolutely must consider business coach, Becky Spieth - she has already given me incredible strategies that are working, and I haven't had my first class with her yet! I spent time with Becky at two of my vendor events last week, and I have asked her to come to Bryan, TX, for a daylong workshop. Her strategies change EVERYTHING!

    Claire Whitman Peters, Director, Paparazzi

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    • Convention
    • Leadership Summit
    • Team Retreat
  • Take It A Step Further..

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