• 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sharing Your Story/Opportunity

  • Do you want to connect with people and stand out from the crowd from all other direct sellers when offering your business opportunity?

    If so, let’s jump into the 4 questions to ask yourself to get more business partners, hosts & even customers.  Use these questions for increasing your business in all areas, especially sponsoring.

    The first thing to do is think from your prospect’s perspective.  Put yourself in their shoes, so to speak.

    Ask yourself…


    • Who is that you’re speaking to?  Why do you want to work with them?
    • Not everyone is your prospect, which may not be what you’ve been told by your upline.
    • You need to be specific about who it is you want to work with.  Make sure they are a good fit for you, your personality, your team, your product and company.
    • Spend some time and think about your perfect prospect or customer.
    • What are their interests?
    • Are they a certain age range?
    • Do they have kids?
    • Are they like your other team members?  Opposite?  Complimentary?  Similar values?

    Think of things that they tend to have in common and then once you know who you’re talking to, who you truly desire to work with you can put together a little avatar.

    Once you can identify specifically who is your ideal team member, you will see them more readily, just like when you buy a new car.  You don’t think you see many of them until you drive it off the lot and then you see them everywhere.


    Whether you are doing the tried and true… having a conversation or career chat, doing a Facebook Live, sending an email, or posting on Facebook you should always ask yourself, “Why should they care about your business opportunity, product or service?”

    Stop vomiting on your prospect all the details about what something has, what it can do, all it’s bells and whistles and all the intricate details of the compensation path; and focus on what they care about right now.  In their minds as they listen to your “presentation” they are really thinking…

    “So what?  Why do I care?”

    When you can relate your business opportunity or even product to a genuine solution to a problem they have, you are helping them.  This is all they really care about.  How are you going to minimize or alleviate a pain point in their life or enhance their life with something they want more of.

    Make sure you’re covering this question… Why should they care?!  Create a word picture for them as what the future “could” look like for them.  Have them think about it and be able to visualize it.

    • What does life look like if their problem has gone away…?
    • Most importantly, how will they FEEL when they’ve solved that problem?
    • Why is this important to them?

    Connect the dots for them.  Take them from the before feeling of pain and frustration… to the after state of happiness and relief as a result of joining you and actively engaging in the business.

    For example:  Working away from your young children…

    When someone is feeling they can’t be the parent they want to be, how do they feel? Write down a list of feelings.

    What do they wish they could do as a parent to their children?

    Then… share how it would feel when they are able to be in control of their schedule, be the parent they desire to be, where would they go, what would they do, how would it impact their children, what would their children be most grateful for?

    Hopefully you can see by using those feelings of frustration and struggle in your conversation, you can truly relate to someone.  This connects you by understanding their pain and struggle, as well as where they’re hoping to get to.  Hopefully this will make you a “no brainer” to work with or buy from.

    This part is really crucial to spend some time on, making sure you:

    • Really know your audience
    • What they want
    • What language they use so that you are equipped to directly speak to your prospect and offer them an awesome solution… your business opportunity.

    Because no one wants to be sold to…


    People like to see proof of results so they know whether to trust what you’re saying to them.

    If you’re telling them that you can help them solve their pain or struggle how can you prove it to them?

    Here’s some things you can do.  Share:

    • Your Story
    • Testimonials
    • Case Studies & Reviews

    There’s a saying in sales that “facts tell, and stories sell”. You can share facts, figures, and all of the details about our business and bore our prospects to death; or create true connection with our prospect when we share our stories and experiences to truly engage them and pique their interest.

    One of the most meaningful things we can do when prospecting, is share our personal story.

    You want to get really good at sharing your story.  This is one of the most powerful tools you have for sponsoring.  Keep in mind though, that you will personalize it to reflect your prospect’s values and the things that are most important to them.  It is a simple formula to share how you found your business, what it is doing for you, and how you see your future being brighter as a result of it.  Get really good at it so that you can share at meetings, events, your business launch events, and on calls with your prospects.  This is going to be an invaluable tool whether you are brand new in the business or a seasoned leader.

    Here is my favorite format to help you create your story:

    1. Who are you? (Share your background, a little about you, what you do or did before joining your direct sales company.)
    2. Why you were looking for opportunity?  How did you find your business? Why did you join?
    3. What results have you seen/ hope to see?
    4. What has excited you the most?

    I saved the best for last!

    What are your accomplishments?

    If you have been in business and have accomplishments and achievements, share those.  If not, no worries, share what are you the most excited about accomplishing? Make it meaningful!

    Touch their hearts.  Remember, all decisions are based on emotions, so think about it from that perspective.  Maybe share, what you are most excited about in what this business will do for your family?

    Keep in mind, that you want it to mirror something that they will value.  Even though it is your story, it is a bridge you are building for them to see themselves in your story, building a bridge from your story to them actively engaging in working with your team and company to make one of their dreams a reality.

    Use your story to explain to someone what you do.  This is can be as simple as saying:

    “I help ______________ (these people) solve this problem ______________ so they can achieve ______________________.”

    This puts meaning behind your business, people will understand why you do what you do and they will want to know more!

    Another powerful piece of proof is a testimonial or two.  People LOVE to hear what other people think.

    Think about when you’re shopping on amazon or an online catalog.  Do you read the reviews?  I always do.   I want to know that if I’m going to spend my hard-earned money, I want it to be good!  I want to know what others loved and also what they didn’t like before I make a decision.

    When someone is “shopping” companies, leaders and teams to join when starting a direct sales business, they want to hear testimonials as well.

    I like to have video testimonials if online, written under a heading of “What others are saying…” is also powerful, or if in person at an opportunity meeting or call, have another team member share their testimony or “why story” as well.

    What if you don’t have testimonials yet?

    Ask people in your team or your upline if you can share their results… or better yet engage them to do this for you.

    When considering using this technique for sales, offer out a discount to your customers to be a product tester for new products that came out.  You could even have a launch party, let them experience it live with you with proper instructions for use, if applicable.

    This works great as they were happy to help you and they got some money off! Win win!  And you get the testimonials.

    What are case studies?  Case studies are another way of showcasing a “before and after”.  It’s a great way of telling a story about someone who went from struggling ___________ (fill in the blank) to having achieved ______________ (fill in the blank). They share their story. Imagine it like an article in a magazine where they show someone’s story of a before and after.  This can be with a drab outfit to a fab outfit, problem skin to glowing complexion, no makeup to smokey eye, pouty lip, brows on fleek.

    Again, keep in mind that video is king.  Would you rather read or watch a video… because you are watching this, I am guessing you too prefer video.  Your audience is no different.  A fun way to do this is to do a Facebook live and them save the video and multi-purpose it on your blog, YouTube, newsletter and more.

    Video testimonials are the strongest way of getting the message across.  It shows the real them and it’s straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak!

    Now what…

    WHY NOW?

    Take a minute here…

    Why now?  This can be one of the most important questions ever.

    It actually increases their ability to make a decision and creates urgency.

    We want your prospect to realize that now is the time for them to make a decision.  Appeal to their emotions.  If they are having a conversation with you, this is a great thing because they must already know, like and trust you.  They realize that who you buy from is just as important as what they buy… so we now need them to see that this is the right time for them.

    Why is today the right time for them?

    What reason or reasons can you give to help them choose that now is the right time?

    Or maybe it isn’t the right time for them… and in which case, what can you put into place so that you can be there when it IS the right time?

    Being consistent and showing up will be a great start and following up.  Most sales take between 5 and 8 touches before they decide “yes”.

    There you have it…  You are going to be able to connect to your audience and will be sponsoring in no time.



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